How to choose good quality furniture when you are going to buy ?

February 21st 2017

Weifang Yuhang Furniture Co.,Ltd There are many kinds furniture when you decide to buy and get in a furniture store , most people will choose wood kind , but doon’t be fooled by “solid woo

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Holiday Notice of the National Day

October 12th 2016

2016 Chinese National Day is cooming ,please be noted the following holiday notice: We will be on holiday from 1st Oct. to 7th Oct., and will be back to work on 8th Oct. We sincerely apologise for any

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What kind of forgings can we supply?

July 26th 2016

In general,we can supply the precision forgings,free forgings and rolled rings. The weight of precision forgings from us is 0.1kg-200kg. The weight of free forgings from us is 1kg-30,000kg. The diamet

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Five Japanese wooden furniture brand Only know that muji you went out

July 22nd 2016

Choose five wooden furniture brand in Japan, they have similar to wood furniture sense and aesthetic pursuit, and each has its own characteristics.Try to create a space with wood company. – Mono

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